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The map above is the route we just traveled.

Today was the last segment of the 2016 Cannonball Run. The photo below was taken just before the days start.


Follow the ride. Daily updates will be under the 2016 Cannonball Button. I will have a SPOT tracker on Lucille. Starting September 10th this link will be active:

2016 Motorcycle Cannonball #63

Atlantic City NJ to Carlsbad CA - 92 riders attempting to complete a 3312 mile cross country journey on 1916 or earlier motorcycles during September 2016

 ~ Lucille ~

1915 Harley Davidson Model 11F

61 cubic inch V-twin. Three speed hand-shift transmission. Magneto Ignition (controlled by the left twist grip). Hand Shift. Foot Clutch. Generally a crazy machine to ride!

Watch out for dry-rotted clinchers!!

Here is a link to my Cannonball entry video:

Many thanks to Darryl Richman for making this website possible. His expertise in website design has allowed me to share this journey with you. It does not hurt that he is a vintage BMW nut and participant in the 2012 and 2014 Cannonball run's.